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Remove or Edit WordPress Footer

Remove or Edit WordPress Footer

Remove or Replace Proudly Powered By WordPress And Theme Credit. Whilst there are also plugins that will allow you to ...
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Drop Shipping Using WordPress droplet

Drop Shipping Using WordPress?

First: If you are looking for Ali-express Products go here. Selling Physical Items Online Now, there are a number of ...
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view a wordpress site in development

View A WordPress Site In Development

How Do I Allow A Client To View A WordPress Site In Development? DEVELOPER LEVEL QUESTION There comes the time ...
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new domain name

How Do I Register A Domain Name?

Is Your Domain Name Available? Check Your Domain Names Availability Below: Find a new domain name or check the availability ...
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why would you

How To Embed Private Videos?

Yeah, why would you need to embed private videos anyway? ...besides speeding up loading times, embedding videos have little more ...
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preparing consumer journey

What Exactly Is A Marketing Funnel?

In short, a funnel is a marketing model that focuses on the consumer journey that leads towards the consumer taking some form ...
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building an online stores abc

How To Start An E-commerce Store

Shopify - A quick online store solution for the long-term (#1) If you already use Shopify then hurry up and ...
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photo editor altern

Which Image Editing Alternative?

Affordable Image Editing Alternative. It has to be said Affinity Photo, hands-down, tried and tested... Unlike the other contenders for Adobe’s crown (maybe ...
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moving from wix to wordpress

Moving From Wix To WordPress

Quick Answer: Switching from Wix to WordPress can be achieved through a number of ways, here’s the easiest: First, what you ...
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find rss

Find My RSS feed?

How Do I Find My RSS Feed? This is what many blogs and news-related sites use for delivering freshly updated content ...
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