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affordable website hosting

When I first started building websites I had absolutely no idea about hosting costs and what was in involved. And so of course,  spending £67/month seemed reasonable back then. And it wasn’t even hosting on a dedicated server.

It wasn’t until whilst working with a small business client, who pointed out how he was only paying as  little as $3.00 / month for his hosting service. Which in terms of performance  we couldn’t differentiate any significant difference with service I was currently . It was soon after then and some research  that I stumbled on Bluehost.


hosting for designers

Built by designers for designers, unlike most other hosting companies that rely on the cPanel styled interface, Flywheel provides its own beautifully designed, unique dashboard.

Flywheel is ideal for agencies and design teams, at an affordable costs…

Migrate your current website to flywheel with no fuss for free.  Learn More.