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What is Noble Samurai and How It Can Help Your Marketing.

CONTENT, MARKET & SCARCITY SAMURAI What is Noble Samurai? Noble Samurai is the organisation responsible for online marketing software - ...
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Tips For Focussing On A Niche Website

Niche Growing Your Freelance Business You may feel that showing potential clients your flexibility as a designer is a sure way of ...
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Check Out My Twine Social Hub and Create Your Own. 

Creative Squash: If you happen to reach the end of this feed, thank you for showing interest I hope you really ...
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Download Contemporary Freelancer – PDF Document

AFFILIATE REGISTER Get paid for referring traffic that results in a sale. By registering above, as a market click member ...
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The Contemporary Freelancer – Free PDF Download

Who are the new emerging solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and other ’preneurs? The Contemporary Freelancer Complete the form below with a valid ...
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clickstart seo

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Good SEO or Search Engine Optimisation comprises of a number of tweaks to your internet properties ...
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google adwords

CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising Tips

Google Adwords and Cost Per Click. How do you work out the cost per click? Starting out with Google Adwords may at ...
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Understanding Copyright and the Difference Between Copywrite!

What Can I Copyright? Whilst it is true that copyright naturally exist on the completion of a piece. Protecting that ...
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Do I Really Need An ISBN To Sell My Book?

What Is An ISBN (number) Anyway? If you want to be listed as the publisher of your book, you will ...
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A Few Words On Security

Community Based Security - Is There Such A Thing? In Support of WordPress and Open-Source? In spite the little time required for maintaining ...
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