A Few Words On Security

Community Based Security – Is There Such A Thing?

In Support of WordPress and Open-Source?


In spite the little time required for maintaining a full functioning website you may have been led to believe. Keeping abreast and dealing with latest security vulnerabilities alone can be a full time job in itself… 

Which is why WordPress may be a good option for your next project. However, as with everything in life there comes process easier…or, does it?

From Questions like “What’s Hello World?” to discovering Silence is Golden!

Before you ask – that hello world page is usually nothing to worry about… It is intended as sample page for your WordPress blog, that’s all…

So, what’s all the fuss about this ‘WordPress’ being the perfect platform for most online projects. Yet, there are so many questionable safety factors concerning its use for business and keeping sensitive information safe.

Security is, and perhaps always will be a concern for anyone that owns an internet property. Unfortunately, many of the problems we encounter in the physical world have their virtual comparison, including people breaking into other people’s property and leaving a mess…

To start with here is a video that covers the flexibility you can enjoy using WordPress [NEXT]

What if I don’t like WordPress?

If you are not sure about WordPress or the related interests below, you may find Joomla, Magento and drupal to be more to your liking or requirements.

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